English, is it difficult?

i think th problem here is the Malaysian it self especially Malay. they hard to accept other language in their society and don't want to try to learn and use English. maybe our government should focus more to people in rural area. teach them from beginning and try to avoid any discrimination among between among rural and urban area. every problem have their own solution and our job now is to find the good solution. English is easy and fun when learning it, just try and never afraid.


I'm quite agree with that statements. In case to improve english in community of Malaysia, extreme action must be taken. The mindset must be changed. Before we go discussion any further, goverment should make same drastic action like exposure to young kid. If it correctly taught, our country will have young generation with advanced in two compulsory languages, Malay(this is important) and second is English. It benefits ME and YOU when finding job and working with companies. It's such a great bonus.